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Typical Chinese Life – Living for others

chiense-family1Chinese people never live for themselves, they are forever just living for others. This is how it works: When young, Chinese people live for their parents, when old, they live for their children (and grandchildren). Their lives are lived according to the will of other people, their performing DUTIES in Chinese culture. I call it a cycle of misery, because when your happiness is totally dependant on the hopes and expectations of others, you can never truly be happy. Now lets look at the life of a typical Chinese person… I have seen this same exact pattern COUNTLESS times. A young Chinese will study very hard at school, to get high grades to satisfy their parents. This is all that matters in their school years. After finishing school, the next step is marriage, and again will be greatly pressured by parents and relatives into finding a partner and quickly getting married. Continue reading

Pitui and Why Chinese girlfriends are prone to cheating

pitui, doing the splits, also means cheating

a girl in the process of pitui

Many Chinese girls are highly insecure and are prone to cheating. The Chinese word for cheating is pitui (劈腿 – pronounced pi-tway), which literally means to do the splits. Before marriage, a man’s Chinese girlfriend will always be on the lookout for a better boyfriend. If she finds a guy who appears better than her boyfriend (e.g. bigger house, better job), she will date him behind her boyfriend’s back, and only after everything is good with the new guy will she leave her bf. The reason for this is simple: A Chinese girl is defined by her marriage. If she is not married, then she is nothing. This is why that even if she is unsatisified with her current boyfriend, she will still stay with him for fear that she won’t find a better one. It’s like insurance. Continue reading

The Myth of Learning Chinese from Chinese Girlfriend

study in the classroom as opposed to bedroom

study in the classroom (not bedroom)

Many Chinese people had said to me that if i want to learn Chinese, the best way is to find a Chinese girlfriend. If that is so, then why is it that most of the guys here in China with a Chinese girlfriend or wife speak little or no Chinese? There are a number of reasons…

  1. It gives the girl a sense of security, as he is unable to communicate with the majority of the Chinese female population (thus more unlikely to cheat), and knowing that her bf 100% relies on her for everything and that she is in control of his daily affairs. Continue reading

SAJIAO – the Chinese mating dance

characteristic "sajiao" expression

characteristic “sajiao” expression

sajiao (撒娇) is when the chinese girl acts like a helpless little girl who can’t do anything for herself and expects her boyfriend to do everything, from buying her a new handbag, to carrying it for her when they are out. It also includes throwing tantrums at a whim (e.g. when her boyfriend hesitates to buy her that cute pair of high heels), and her boyfriend having to “prove his love” for her on a regular basis through buying her gifts. From a western perspective, the girl acts like a “spoiled little princess”. Continue reading