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The Pitfalls of Going to Hospital in China

chinese hospitalEntering a Chinese hospital is entering a money-making machine designed to extract money from the sick. They see your illness as nothing more than an opportunity to make money. Treatment is directed according to how much they can profit rather than how useful (or even harmful) it is for the patient. For practically any illness, no matter how minor, the doctor will prescribe around five different medicines including antibiotics. If your symptoms are more than mild, they will try to put you on a drip. A minor ailment can turn into an expensive and time consuming misadventure. This madness is due to the Chinese medical system and the ridiculously low consultation fees doctors are paid due to government controls. Doctors are typically paid less than 1 USD per consultation, barely even a living and not enough to support a family in modern China. So doctors need to make money through kickbacks, usually taking the form of superfluous antibiotics, IV’s and diagnostics. It is overt corruption and few Chinese people seem to question it. Therefore, it’s not about to change anytime soon, and if you’re living in China you need to know how to deal with it. Here I’ll explain how to see a doctor without getting cheated. Continue reading