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The Great Gender Imbalance of China

China's future

China’s future

Everyone has heard of China’s single Child policy, but not everyone has seen what the resulting gender imbalance looks like in reality. During my recent visits to the supermarket, I made a point of comparing the number of baby boys to baby girls. I was astonished that every time I observed at least 80% boys! I couldn’t believe that China’s gender imbalance could be so extreme, so I asked a number of friends who live nearby. They confirmed what I had seen – a ridiculously disproportionate number of boys. Of course such an extreme proportion is not representative of the whole of China; the official statistic from 2012 is 117.7 newborn boys for every 100 girls, which is still high. Lets now look at exactly WHY there are so many boys, and why the city in which I live appears to have many more than then natural average. Continue reading